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About Us

 My name is Kelli and I'm the owner of " Our Scrapbook Treasures,LLC. " I've been Scrapbooking for over 16 years, and it's definately become my passion in life. I have met so many talented and wonderful women through scrapbooking by Teaching at my Local Scrapbook Store & Conventions, going to Crops, and by attending Scrapbook Getaways.


 With all the rushing around we do on a daily basis in our lives, I know it's hard to get  those scrapbook pages completed. When I started teaching classes at Scrapbook Stores/Events in 2001,  I tried making my Scrapbook Designs Very Detailed but also Very Easy to Assemble.  I accomplished this by  Precutting  & Assembling all my Class Kits ahead of time. All the tiny pieces &  embellishments  were  bagged so they could easily be found. All pieces on the First Page of my Designs were on top in Kit followed by all the pieces of the Second Page. This kept things neat & Orderly when we began assembly. My students loved that they could create a Beautiful Page quickly and didn't have to shop for all the Coordinating Product. They were hooked on this Quick Method of Scrapbooking and asked me to create more Page Kits  in a Variety Of Themes.

Around the same time, I launched "Scrapbook Queen Getaways"...a Scrapbook Event Company where ladies come to Scrapbook for up to 72 Hours of Non-Stop Scrapbooking at Beautiful Locations in Northeastern Ohio.  By teaching Classes at these events the concept continued to grow.  Soon my customers who didn't live nearby started requesting I ship my Page Kits to them. We started off with Email Orders until the growth forced us to open our Online Store. By opening our Online Store, new customers started finding us through online searches.  And that's how my Page Kit business got started.  


 Since then,  Our Scrapbook Treasures has grown  to  not only selling Page Kits but also a variety of the best Scrapbook Products & Paper Lines. We've had the honor of attending a variety of Scrapbook  Conventions representing different Scrapbook Companies and attend  all Scrapbook Queen Getaway events . Through the years,  I've also done design work for different companies & have also had my designs published in a variety of Scrapbook Magazines.

       My husband Mark and I reside in Austintown, Ohio. After 15 years of marriage we were blessed on August 22, 2008 with a beautiful princess named Emma Victoria. When I'm not busy attending Scrapbook Events (My Fun Job!),I 'm a Respiratory Therapist who specialized  in Sleep Studies . I enjoy Scrapbooking(of course!), Traveling, and Spending Time with my family who make me smile everyday! Looking back, I often laugh when I  think how 17 years ago my very supportive husband  told me to "Get A Hobby".  Little did he know what he was in for. It was great advice and a few months later his "Scrapbook Queen" was created!



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